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Located in Demorest GA near Piedmont University, just a little more than an hour north of Atlanta, and a half hour north of Gainesville in Habersham County Georgia.
  This private wooded park has the look of the Appalachia Mountain Foothills without traveling hours farther North to find the same thing. The RV park and camping areas are now open by reservation through our reservation partner Reserve In this way I am making my private estate available to RVers and camping visitors so they can enjoy unspoiled private camping the way it used to be. In the past this area has only been used by relatives, consider yourself a distant one when booking. You will find reviews on HipCamp and RVLife from recent visitors. This is not a commercial business resort camping area. This area is for quiet enjoyment of nature on private property by appointment. Take a look, this may be a base camp for exploring North GA , or just an easy weekend getaway out of the Atlanta area. Just passing through, that's good too, we are located just a mile or so from the Piedmont University highway exit, Rt. 441 historic.

  There are two areas located here. The 353 RV park, and Possum Holler next door with the creek and tent camping. Possum Holler is closed to visitors during Deer hunting season.
  The camping property down at the creek is known to the area's old timers as "Possum Holler" and consists of 10 acres of woodland bordered by more woodland. There are Possum, Fox, and Deer here, Hawks, and Owls. Hikers, if quiet, may catch a glimpse of a wading Blue Heron in the creek or a fox. I was lucky to get a picture of this young one that stopped long enough for me to get out my phone. There is a den around here someplace. (I think I found it) I've been too slow to catch a picture of older ones passing through, they always catch me by surprise.

fox on camp trail

Spotting deer are more likely. There are woods roads and paths to explore, practice woodcraft skills, look for animal tracks and search the trees for Hawks and Owls. There aren't miles long trails for true hikers but enough changes in elevation for a work out for us older folks.

Bring your water shoes and wade the creek and for the brave, take a dip in the old swimming hole... it's only feels cold for the first few seconds. I checked the water temp at the end of July and it was 70 degrees not really that cold but feels like it when the air is 89 degrees. The creek is spring fed so it doesn't get as warm as a lake. Real refreshing on a hot day. The small fish in there, maybe 2" long at most, are fun to watch when tossing in bits of bread.

creek swimming hole

One is unlikely to see the possum this area is known for as they are only active after dark. Don't tempt them by leaving food out at night.

Ok, lets drive in the 353RV entrance off the State Road. This has been widened with more road stone. RV road entrance

RV road entrance

RV park site for solar powered camper

Pull over and park? If you use Solar Panels this is the best spot. It's the only place not in the shade when leaves are on the trees, there will still be afternoon shade. It's a real easy in and out if you are just passing through. There are three spots with water and 30 amp hookups. If you have a 50 amp connector there is a inexpensive adaptor, available in many places, that allows you to connect to a 30 amp outlet. You should own one to allow access to power in more places. It is unlikely you will actually ever need 50 amps. The road is now graveled with improved grading. Due to heavy use the grass has been reseeded. If this is your N.E. Georgia summer destination your shaded spot is just around the corner

Maintenance Building with toilet and shower for campers and RVers

Here we are. That pole to the right has 120V 30 amp outlet. The water hydrant is next to it. Internet service is available everywhere on the property from a nearby tower. The alternative entrance is through the green gate on Tenn. St.

entrance driveway We will tell which to use depending on your RV or trailer and length of stay. The 353 entrance off Holly St (a state road) avoids residential streets and turns.

There are covered areas for use on a rainy day. There is one full hookup site for those booking a one week stay. The road continues past the building to a city street so no backing around is necessary upon departure. Have a safe trip.

One of the outbuildings on the creek side of the main estate next door has a Bat House to encourage bats to visit the area as part of their migration. They seem to take care of this area as well. Visitors won't ever see the bats as they are only active at night. To even see them at night one needs a flashlight to shine where they rest between flights near the bat house. We don't bother them like that though, they provide natural mosquito control which is so effective one might wonder where are all the gnats and mosquitos one expects to find in this environment. It is enough to see the bat guano below the bat house to know they are providing a valuable service. Each little dropping represents hundreds of mosquitos.

Now lets look at the secret creek side entrance to Possum Holler.

entrance is here
Can you see it? This entrance is through a development so no parking allowed here.

Paved downhill entrance
Come on down and have privacy at creek side.

I thought paving the entrance was going to be a big deal but Mountain Pavers said this was flat compared to some they have done. A little more work and RV's will be able to drive through and out without having to back up to turn around. This entry is a little steep with a turn at the bottom which limits the size of RV's that can use this entrance. It's no problem for cars and vans. There is a lot of room for tent camping along the creek from this entrance. creek side tent camping sites

No problem getting camping gear down to the creek on the other side. It's a bit of work on foot but only a 4wheel ride away for your gear in the campground Jeep. woods road jeep accessThen cross the walk bridge over the branch from Diana's Pool
Bridge over Branch from Diana's pool

Diana's We call this Diana's Pool on the feeder branch that runs into the creek just above the campsite at the top of the page.

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There are no toilet facilities for the tent camping areas at Possum Holler at this time, or near the creek. Campers should bring a porta-potty or pretend you are on the Appalachian Trail. No fires other than charcoal grills without permission. Be sure they are extinguished with creek water when finished. Burn bans are often in effect.

Tent camping is primitive at Possum Holler. Find a spot and make your camp. The only established camp site at this time at Possum Holler is shown on the top of the page. Seasonal camping can be arranged. There are some good sites one could establish. Pick a spot and make your campsite. Become a regular and we will keep your spot reserved. You can cross the creek on stepping stones. There is enough space to not have another camp site in view from yours. Another more private option is along "The South Fork" road higher up away from the creek which also has 4wheel jeep access.

The 353RV Park location has camp sites with fireplace, toilet, shower, and city water. Tent Max RV length so far at this hook up has been 37' Swing wide on the corners. RV There are 3 pull through RV sites with 30 amp and water hookups. One has a full hookup for those staying for one week or more. Max stay is 29 days. You will receive a text or email with directions and check in procedure after you place your reservation. These directions are also available on the Hip Camp website.Reserve

There are two special times of the year on the property, they only last a few weeks. The most spectacular is in the spring when the Mountain Laurel blossoms. Mountain Mountain

There is a lot of Mountain Laurel on the Possum Holler Property on trails and along the creek. Blossoming time varies by a few weeks every year. If you wish to be notified in order to plan a visit click Mountain Laurel Notification and leave email or text information. The other time is the fall Leaf Season.

Leaf Leaf

If you wish to be notified in order to plan a visit click Leaf Season Notification and leave email or text information. Great for RVs on Hipcamp

This RV park seems like it's in the Joyce Kilmer Forest, but just two miles away is the strip of the usual fast food restaurants at the Piedmont University highway exit. Super Walmart, Lowes, Plumbing and Electric, Tractor Supply, Bank with ATM, Auto Parts. Race Track Gas, etc. Piedmont University, a restaurant, coffee shop, Laundromat, and Post Office are within walking distance along a sidewalk from the Holly Street entrance. You will find this location quiet yet convenient to all services.

You can reserve your dates through our HipCamp reservation partner Reserve

By using their reservation service you are provided with certain protections which are listed on their site. The HipCamp site is not set up to completely explain what is offered as I have above. 353 RV Park is also listed as Possum Holler on, Dyrt, and Yelp. We hope you enjoy your stay and will leave a good review to help us grow and improve the experience for others.

In addition to the tent and RV camping there are two rental apartments on the property. They are seasonal rentals not short term rentals.
Receive apartment, RV, and camping info from our rental office. Apartment rental info The apartments have all appliances, heat, air, water, sewer, electric, washer and dryer included.

For local attractions check Google, Chamber of Commerce, and others. This location is situated a short drive from all their suggestions. We also have a selection of local guide magazines. In season there are events at the university, free baseball games, tennis matches, plays, and concerts. Consult the university schedule of events. Don't forget the Demorest 4th of July celebration.
Since you got here through this link you know that the LeatherGoodsConnection shop is on the property. It is not a tourist attraction and there is no store.

Pets: Your cat would be risking its life. Your dog must be on leash or tied.