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Western Ranger Belts

These custom hand made Harness Leather and Bridle Leather Texas Ranger Belts are better than even famous brand name western ranger belts because they use better leather, better buckles, have more heavy stitching, and are made with attention to detail, one at a time in the U.S.A. by one of our experienced leathercraftsmen.Keep reading, and click on the underlined links, it gets better and better.
Custom made Texas Ranger BeltsCollection of custom made Ranger Belts

Where else can you get this? Every one of these were custom made for our customers.   Real Ranger belts start here...

1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inch wide Texas Ranger Belts
This customer wanted the same belt in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" width.

Custom made Texas Ranger Belts are cut from 10-12 oz. (5/32" - 3/16") Oak tanned (American made) English Bridle Leather OR   9-10 ( 9/64"- 5/32") oak tanned Harness Leather. The harness leather belts are hand dyed and finished. The Billets and edges of the belts are coated, burnished and harness stitched. The harness leather makes a nice dress belt. This firm harness leather has also been used with customer satisfaction for gun belts for over 30 years. If your belt will carry a holster, you also have the choice of the thicker more supple bridle leather.
Burgundy Bridle Ranger Belt The belt above is Burgundy Bridle Leather with black stitching.

Natural Bridle Leather Ranger belt This 1-1/2" wide ranger belt is made with Oiled Natural Russet Bridle leather and the #7 one inch buckle set, isn't that a beauty. The color is actually like the light part of the belt. The darker part is caused by shadow. It is darker when oiled and gets lighter as the oil sinks in.
  The English Bridle leather Ranger Belts are made from Oak tanned and stuffed bridle leather. It is not just some chrome, oil tanned boot leather that production belt makers use. The bridle leathers are slightly thicker but more supple than the harness leather belts and have a sealed finish with a wax topcoat. The bridle leather is prefinished at the tannery. Bridle Leather is available in Black, Lt. Brown, Med. Brown, Dk. Brown, and "Natural". Bridle leather can have the basket weave but because of it's suppleness and oil it isn't appropriate leather for other tooled patterns or lettering.
  The harness leather belts have a more shiny wax finish and are more of a dress belt than the English Bridle belts. The back of the belts can be left natural or dyed and sealed for a really finished look. For Black belts we recommend an undyed sealed back.

Want even more?

We now offer Ranger Belts with embossed alligator print billets in black and brown. Click on the images to enlarge. Embossed alligator print leather Black and Brown alligator print billets
As you can see, most noticeably on the black hide, not all of the print is suitable for use as billets. Because we get about 50% waste and because of the extra time involved in this operation, this option costs an additional $35.00
Texas Ranger Belt Alligator print billetsHere are the completed billets bonded to 8oz oak leather and cut from the most interesting parts of the print, no two are alike.

Alligator print billets are available for use with 3/4" buckle sets on 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" ranger belts, and with 1" buckle sets on 1-1/2" belts

1-1/2 Texas Ranger Belt Click on this image for a closer look at the leather and workmanship on this Dk. Brown Bridle leather ranger belt.
  If shipped without a buckle set, the tip will be stitched and have finished edges. If you want to install a metal tip you will probably have to trim the tip edges slightly to fit. Use a felt pen to darken the cut edges before final attachment. Provide width and thickness information about your buckle and keeper loops in the comments window during check out.

  Classic Western Ranger Belts are available in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" widths and use 3/4" buckles. The buckles and keepers are removable so belts can be shipped with or without a buckle or buckle set. The 1-1/2" ranger belt can be made for the 1" buckle sets.

The Ranger Belt shown below is oiled natural Bridle Leather with dark brown Bridle Leather billets and the #1 buckle set. Custom made Texas Ranger Belt

CLASSIC buckle set #3 1-1/2" wide in Med. Brown Harness leather.Texas Ranger Belt

BRASS END BAR BUCKLE 1-1/2" wide in Tan Harness Leather. Custom made leather Texas Ranger Belt

BUCKLE SET #2 Dk. Brown Bridle with Lt. Brown Bridle Billets 1-1/2" wide.

BRASS ROLLER BUCKLE Burgundy Bridle leather 1-1/2 Burgundy Bridle Texas Ranger Belt

Take a look at some other customers Ranger Belt Combinations, Just don't forget to come back here.

  The Billets now come with 7 holes 3/4" apart. Your belt will be made to buckle with three holes longer and three holes shorter. The reason for this is that our ranger belts may have thicker leather than the regular belt you measured and because in winter with heaver clothing you may want to let the belt out one hole. This will still have your belt looking properly fitted with two holes longer. The longest hole is usable but the tongue will look short. When you get there, it is time to order a new belt.
  View more ranger belts custom made for customer's special buckle sets at the bottom of this page.

  Buckle sets below cost $10.00 when ordered with a belt. The solid brass roller and end bar buckles with leather keeper loops add $4.00. The roller buckles are true harness buckles and have stainless steel tongues. The buckle sets are available separately on the Supplies page.
buckle set
The buckle set to the left is the Roper buckle set #1 in 3/4" width
silver and gold finish buckle setBuckle set #2 is 3/4" width with Nickel Silver and Gold finish
etched buckle set

#3) 3/4 inch traditional buckle set has really fine etching that doesn't show up as nice in the picture as it really is.

  1" Set #4

  belts are also available with 3/4" brass or nickel end bar buckles and leather keeper loops, the roller buckle is also available in nickel or brass.
1" width set
Nickel Silver and Gold finish
3/4" width set
Nickel Silver and Gold finish
Available in 3/4" and 1" width buckle sets
Antique Nickel Silver finish
Available in 3/4" and 1" width buckle sets
Antique Nickel Silver finish
1" width buckle set
Antique Nickel Silver finish
1" width buckle set
Nickel Silver finish
Available in 3/4" and 1" width buckle sets
Smooth Nickel Silver finish
Click on any buckle image for a larger view.
The roller buckles are brass or nickel plated. The buckle sets have plated die cast buckles and keepers with a nickel/sliver finish. The Chicago screws are Nickel over solid brass unless a brass buckle is selected.

Belt Colors:

  Hand staining Harness leather is like staining wood. Every piece is different. That is one of the things that gives my belts soul, magic, excitement or whatever it is that production belts lack. The colors in the images below are as close to the true colors as I can get. From left to right the colors are, Dk. Brown, Med Brown, Lt. Brown, and Tan. They, plus Black, are standard colors. The upper row has been corrected for my monitor, the lower row is what the camera saw. The medium brown is actually more red brown than shown. See actual belts for other views of colors. In actuality the colors in hand finished leather will vary within the same piece of leather similar to the way the color of wood varies in antiques.

  In the standard colors I use special dyes that give my belts a fine Antique Finish. The belts with the Inca design have more contrast because of the Black finish that is rubbed into the pattern. The Tan is a British Tan luggage color, Lt. Brown is darker with less orange, Med. Brown is more red brown, and Dk. Brown is really dark. I have other solvent type dyes for other special order colors, like Navy Blue, Red, Purple and Green.

Bridle leather colors are dyed at the tannery and differ from the hand stained colors. You can view those colors on the Bridle Leather Belt page.

Thread Colors:

  In addition to the Black and the light tan Wheat color Harness Stitching I have used in the past I now offer Brown. Lets see what you can do with that as another creative option.   The Biker Belt shown below is made with leather keepers and a 3/4" Nickel roller buckle. This belt can also be ordered in the brown colors in either Harness or Bridle leather. The buckle and keeper loops are removable so you can replace them with a 3/4" silver buckle set some day if you want to.
Texas ranger Belt

The belt above in Lt. Brown Harness Leather shows the dyed and sealed back. This buckle with leather keepers makes a great everyday or work belt for when you might damage a more expensive buckle set. The belt below is Med. Brown Harness Leather the same as on the Inca tooled belt below. It appears darker on the ranger belt than it actually is.
Texas Ranger Belt

Inca Tooling Pattern (Accent)

  The Inca tooling pattern is shown below on a Med. Brown Harness Leather belt. (Look for the combination of interlocking squares and circles) This pattern goes well with American Indian silver buckle sets.

Oak Leaf and Acorn Pattern

  Traditional Oak Leaf pattern shown below is only available on 1-1/2" and wider Harness Leather belts. Shown here on Natural Oak Harness Leather sample and below on a Black Ranger Belt. This pattern is too wide for 1-1/4" belts.

Double Groves

  Two 1-1/4" Bridle Leather belts are shown below. Med. Brown Bridle with the Double Groove option and Lt. Brown Bridle with the Double Groove and Basket Weave options. These options are also available on 1-1/2" ranger belts.

Basket Weave (Accent)

Shown below on a 1-1/4" belt and a 1-1/2" belt with wheat stitching. The slightly different pattern on the 1-1/2" belt is too wide for the 1-1/4" width. Harness leather is tooling leather, so the basket weave pattern is more pronounced on the harness leather than on the bridle leather. Bridle leather isn't made for tooling and isn't intended to be, however we can press the pattern in, it's just not as defined as on harness leather.


The 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" embossed belts can have the border grooves or harness stitching on the edges. The basket weave ranger on the right is medium brown Harness with the 1" buckle set and brown harness stitching. The belt looks darker on my screen than Med Brown really is. Med. Brown is shown better on the example of the Inca Tooling pattern above.


  Use the diagram below to determine your "Center Hole Length". Measure the length of the belt you are now using, from the prong (or pin), to the hole in the belt that you normally use. If your belt has a trophy type buckle with a pin on the back, measure from the pin, not the end of the buckle. This length includes the amount your buckle adds to the length of your belt and will become the center hole length on your new belt. ( On Ranger belts there are two holes shorter than the "Center length" hole and three holes longer )
  Actual practice has shown that this "With Buckle" measurement is about 2" more than pants waist size.
  DO NOT go by a number printed on the back of your belt. Other manufacturers numbers may vary and your belt may have stretched with use if you are ready for a new one.

  Don't worry about "Overall" length, I need "Center Hole Length" as shown on a regular belt in the diagram above. Do not guess at the waist size of someone you have not seen for 2 years. I measure on this end, you measure on your end.
  Women may wear pants lower on their hips. So, women, decide where you want to wear it and measure that length. There is no way to figure it out using your waist size. TO INSURE SATISFACTION ACTUALLY MEASURE, DO NOT GUESS OR ASSUME. CUSTOM MADE BELTS ARE NOT RETURNABLE.


  If you order a belt "Without Buckle" this tells us that you have your own buckle or buckle set that you are going to install. Tell us about your buckle in the comments window on the check out page. We need to know the buckle width, if you have a tip to install, and the number of keeper loops you have.

When ordering a belt "Without Buckle" Measure a belt "With Buckle" as described above and then subtract the length of the buckle you plan to use. When we make your belt "Without Buckle", we measure from where the leather folds around the buckle to the hole you will be using. When you install the buckle the belt will be back to the "With Buckle" length.

Read ORDERING HELP and Frequently asked Questions. Then choose your options and order from menu.

  Ladies narrow Western Belts are now available using the same buckle sets as your ranger belt for a "His and Hers" belt set.

  Make a choice in each box to reduce delays Your selections will appear on my computer generated work order. Notice that there are so many buckle choices that the drop down menu has a scroll bar.

If you need some help making choices check out the Examples link below the ordering menu. I hope that doesn't make it harder to decide... remember, you can always come back and order another.


  I've gotten a real deal on Horsehide wallet leather enabling me to offer free shipping on ALL belt orders containing a Horsehide wallet while this batch lasts. The Horsehide leather has an open grain, natural "distressed" finish. I will remove the shipping amount from your order before charging your payment method. This charge removal will not show at checkout.

Custom made Ranger Belts

Actual price depends on menu choices

$121.00Bridle or Harness?:  Width:  Size Range:  Size:  Design Pattern?:  Grooves?:  Buckle:  No Buckle?:  Belt Color:  Billet Color:  Stitching:  Belt Back: 

Examples of Ranger Belt choices

What customers say about our Ranger Belts:

I received the belt on Saturday and was blown away by the quality and artistry. What beautiful work, a rare find in these days of mass-produced Chinese crap. Thanks again I will be ordering another soon.
Best regards,

The last belt was perfect and doesn't show wear. good heavy leather, excellent stitching and the ranger design got a lot of complements. Gary

I love the Ranger Belt. I've wore that type of belt for years and have never been completely satisfied until I received the belt you made. It's awesome. And great service too.
My thanks Jesse W.

In the North of England when someone or something is Superlative it is called a real BELTER (Probably a term for making a great hit, or belt, at cricket) You Henry are a real Belter. I have just received my belt. Wow ! Broads will faint in the street as I mosey on by. Now a days when one orders or buys something, there always seems to be an area of ..disappointment or the work leaves something to be desired. Well I aint and it dont.Thank you for your Art Henry
United Kingdom

You have me hooked.
I'll email another order later this week, along the lines of what I had asked about earlier, which is a one inch inside billet, 2inch outside, this time in black, but with only the provision for a 4 piece buckle, I'll provide it. I have to swap the 3/4 inch set for a 1 inch set. Then, I'll send the set to you for incorporation into a belt. That way, we'll know it works.
thanks again!!! chris

These belts were made for the owners special buckle sets. Check out the vintage set at the very bottom of this page.
Ranger Belt

Ranger Belt

Ranger Belt

Ranger Belt

The belt shown above was made for a 1" buckle set.

Hi, Henry Thank you for the great belt and the fast service, I thought you would like to see the vintage silver buckle I put on it. Thanks again, Jay fritz

Love the belt! Very nice. I have already given your name to several other people.

John G. Cooley

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