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Genuine leather Trucker Wallet trucker wallet inside
Wallet above on left is the #10-1 Ponderosa Wallet in Lt. Brown hand stained leather it measures 8" x 4" closed and has a 12" braided lanyard.
The three wallets on the right are the shorter #10-4 style in Black buffalo calf leather, Lt. Brown Buffalo calf, and Brown Shrunken Grain leather.

I have both the Eagle and Walking Liberty half dollar for the belt loop and Buffalo nickel and Indian head snaps for the wallet. You can specify which snap you want for the belt loop and wallet on the ordering menu below. You can also ask for plain nickel snaps for both if you want the wallet that way. snaps
The hardware on all Ponderosa Wallet belt loops, lanyards, and chains, is the same as shown on the #10-4 wallets below.

#10-1 Ponderosa Trucker Wallet $89.75


#10-1A is the same Ponderosa #10-1 wallet with chain instead of the braided lanyard for $15.00 less. There is a lot of room to organize in this Wallet with an easy access bill compartment, card pocket, open pockets and zipper pocket. Keys can be carried on the key ring and unclipped from the belt loop for use on the lanyard. Versatile and comfortable without the normal extra thickness of flap and snap in your pocket. Left hand version available by request in the comments window at check out.

Larger View
This wallet will look better on you than it does on me.

#10-2 Ponderosa Wallet

trucker chain wallet inside

In this configuration the wallet has 4 card pockets on the left, interior currency pockets, and two attached expanding pockets, and ID pocket. Similar to #10-1 but no zipper. We now use buffalo calf leather for the interior leather as the standard option. We no longer use the Tan Nubuck leather shown on some of the images. Wallet comes with belt loop and leather lanyard, or with chain as the #10-2A Wallet

#10-3 Ponderosa Wallet

trucker wallet with zipper pocket

In this configuration the wallet has 4 card pockets, interior currency pockets, and Zipper pocket with ID or additional card pocket. The card pockets on the left can easily hold 2 cards each. Available with chain or braided leather lanyard. Wallet comes with belt loop and leather lanyard or with chain as the #10-3A.

trucker wallet Click on the image for a larger view of this wallet in, Tan hand stained oak leather. The belt loop shown with this wallet is Med. Br. to show the difference in color. Wallets and loops are made and shipped with matching colors. The hand stained leather wallet costs $10.00 more than the other leather choices. The oak leather used for the hand stained colors is more firm than the other leathers and will break in with use without additional treatment. The hand stained colors are the same as the harness leather belt colors. The interior leather is a similar color Buffalo Calf Leather
Tan Shrunken Grain leather and Hand stained wallet

#10-4 Small Ponderosa Wallet

small trucker wallet This wallet has 3 card pockets on each side plus one more card pocket and an expanding pocket beneath on each side, with rear currency pocket. This size measures 5-1/4" high and 4" wide and completely fits inside rear pocket as shown below, check your pocket size. The Ponderosa wallets can also be ordered without the chain, belt loop, or grommet.
small trucker wallet inside

The small Ponderosa can be made for you with either chain ($74.75), or leather lanyard ($89.75), and your choice of outside leather, and buffalo calf leather interior. All natural oak leather is $10.00 more.
The 10-4 shown below left is Med. Brown hand stained leather with black applique. Image on right shows rear bill compartment and interior pockets.

Ponderosa wallets are also available in unfinished natural oak leather as shown on the left, similar to Red Moon, but less bulky. These are not Red Moon copies or knockoffs but have a similar look when ordered with the unfinished natural oak cowhide outside and natural oak calfskin interior. This leather breaks in with a leathery look in it's own unique way. The calfskin interior makes the interior pockets thinner and stronger than cowhide would be. The one exception to all leather is that wallets with card slots have a strong ripstop interior liner to retain the cards. It would be too bulky to do this with leather.
This is what the natural leather wallet can look like after one year. Every one will be different depending on use.

I've had customers asking for one more level of complication so here it is. It's an Applique added to the outside corner that reinforces the snap attachment. That choice has been added to the ordering Menu as a $10.00 additional option. You get to choose the color. Shown below is a medium brown hand stained wallet with a dark brown Applique.

Here it is in Black on natural leather, on a left hand 10-4 wallet

This is dark Brown on right hand natural leather 10-4 wallet

This wallet is a Black Applique on hand stained Med. Brown 10-4 Wallet

#10-4 Zip Ponderosa Wallet.
This configuration of the Small Ponderosa Wallet has card pockets on one side and a zipper pocket on the other. Shown here with natural Horse Hide leather interior.

The expanding Small Ponderosa pocket layout, with natural Horse Hide leather interior.

The Ponderosa braided lanyard $20.50, and Lanyard with leather belt loop $30.50, can be ordered separately from menu choice A. This is the lanyard configuration we are using now. Some images above show an additional clip which is unnecessary, and just add to the weight.

  Lately I've been asked for wallets without the chain, lanyard, or grommet so I have added that option to the ordering menu. Selecting that deducts $10.00 Be sure to order with chain so that it deducts the lanyard price. Do not order with lanyard as it only refunds for chain.

  Available Ponderosa Wallet leathers are the Buffalo Calf colors
  Mediun Brown     Dark Brown     Black

Colors are shown better on actual wallets. I'm looking for a better picture. The only one close is Black. Lt.Brown Buffalo Calf can be seen on the top right wallet at the top of the page.
The textured leathers are shown below.
The Dk. Brown Milled and tan shrunken are sold out. The shrunken grain is the result of the way it is tanned. The grain is perhaps more pronounced than it appears in the images above. The light brown buffalo calf is also sold out.

Hand Stained Colors belt colors Black   Dark Brown   Medium Brown   Light Brown   Tan

These colors look about right... the Med. Brown is darker... like on the wallet above.

Select style # and color below, but first...

Monogram Your Wallet?

Wallets can be personalized on the inside with gold, silver, or branded lettering for an additional $10.00
Letters are 3/16" high and located on interior of wallet. Monogramed wallets are not returnable, so think about this if purchasing the wallet as a gift.
Buffalo Calf is the standard interior leather. There are two other choices for interior leather on the menu, Natural Horsehide (+ $10.00), and Natural Calfskin (+ $10.00). Brown Shrunken Grain exterior wallets come with light brown buffalo calf interiors as standard.

The braided lanyard, braded lanyard with belt loop, and Ponderosa belt loop with snap hook, are available as choices on the "wallet style" menu below. A plain belt loop with clip can be ordered on the accessories page.

Wallet prices vary depending on option choices. Put the wallet in the shopping cart to see the corrected price for the wallet with your choice of options.


  I've gotten a real deal on Horsehide wallet leather enabling me to offer free shipping on ALL orders containing a Horsehide wallet while this batch lasts. The Horsehide leather has an open grain, natural "distressed" finish. I will remove the shipping amount from your order before charging your payment method. Sometimes I don't see it in time and have to make a chargeback. This charge removal will not show at checkout.

Ponderosa Chain Wallets
Make a choice in each box
$89.75Style:  Leather:  Applique?:  Monogram?:  >: Wallet Snap:  Belt Loop Snap:  Wallet Only?: 

Email from Vince: I got the address of your website from a forum talking about Red Moon wallets. By the way, how on earth do the folks at Red Moon manage to come to the figure they sell their stuff at? It really is a mystery. As far as I can see the wallets you are making are every bit as good as these if not better, at a fraction of the cost. I am sure the cows in Japan have the same hide as the ones in the States, don't they?

The answer is... they sell wholesale so they have to maintain a price structure that makes money for their retailers. I don't have retailers so I don't have to maintain a high price for them. What I sell them for is the basic wholesale price, then I allow the customer to add extra cost options if they want to, so they have some control over the cost.